Tornado Dashes Through Speedway

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Building insulation panels lodged in trees behind the Meadowood Shoppes.

Welcome to Speedway sign on Lawndale north of Elaine

Branch driven into the ground by the wind.

Uprooted tree and wind blown garage, 6100 Elaine

Roof damage, International Village

Fence destroyed, 6100 Elaine

Trees down, 6100 W 30th

Eagledale Little League park
Photos by Jay Thompson

(posted Jan 30)
(revised 5.30 pm)

The National Weather Service's 4 pm report concluded that Speedway was damaged by both an EF-1 (Enhanced Fujita scale) tornado and straight line winds.

According to Meteorologist Jason Puma, the storm survey team found evidence of a tornado striking in the area of I-465 and Crawfordsville Road with sustained winds of 105 mph. The team's findings were based on assessment of the converging damage patterns. Puma explained the tornado is a low pressure area that is pulling inward while straight line winds have an outflow pattern. The remaining area of damage in Speedway was caused by straight line winds.

The majority of the damage is located in the area north of 30th Street from High School Rd to Lawndale.