June 2007 - Volume 2 Issue 2
Students’ Dreams Are Alive At Ben Davis TV Station
FCC Rules In Favor of WBDG
34th And 46th Street Bridge Bids Rejected
Clermont Police To Enforce Laws To Protect Pedestrians From Skateboarders
State’s Definition Of An Unexcused Absence Does Not Reflect School Realities
Grande Avenue Vacation Process Can Start Anytime
Sewer Stalemate Creates Frustration
Speedway Organizes Its First Relay For Life
HIP Offers Children Creativity Time
HB 1568 Fails
OSCNA Members Go To Contest
Council Asked About Sewer Delays
SRC Makes More Purchases on Main Street
Library Said No To Joint Website
Kiwanis Needs Community Support
Ball State Offers Planning Services
Lutz assumes City County Council Seat
Speedway Police Search for Missing Woman
WBDG Celebrates 41 Years Of Service
SRC Master Plan Unveiling Delayed Until June 19
Main Street Workshop Creates Some Vocal Outcries
Brownfield Advisory Committee Has First Meeting
Main Street Has Parking Restrictions
Dispatching Serves Community
I-74 Interchange Construction Underway
Hotel May Come to LSA
Group Looks at Options to Open B+O Trail on Temporary Basis
Speedway Police and Fire Child Safety Day
Buckles & Bows' Child Safety Day
Street Department Develops Drainage Solution