Seven Reserves Graduate from Academy

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(left to right) Joseph Totleben, Matthew Pridemore, Dan Moulder, Jereme Howery, Brent Dawes, David Bowles, Corey Hart

Photo by Linda Karn

(posted Apr 17)

It will be months before Speedway residents will see the seven new reserve police officers out patrolling by themselves. The officers were officially sworn in on April 17, marking an end to their three month academy training. However, Assistant Police Chief Joel Rush said this is just the start of their field training. Rush said the class of 2008 was "one of the best, if not the best" class of reserves to ever go through the academy. He credited their success through their ability to bond and maintain a spirit of enthusiasm.

Police Chief Jeff Dine shared two pieces of wisdom about this honorable profession. He explained that good policing starts from the heart. He told them "to do the right thing, for the right reason, for the right people at the right time," and that "it is not the badge or the gun, but it's the heart that makes a good police officer."

Dine told them his door is always opened to talk, but most of their contact will be with Captain Jason Dierdorf. He also announced that Chuck Upchurch was promoted to Major.

Sgt Jeff McCleerey, who was responsible for their training academy program, called the reserves officers "the right group for this town."

Reserve Officer Corey Hart said he wanted to join Speedway's department because of its reputation for not treating the reserve officers as second rank, but treating the reserves as equals. "The training is not second rate," he said.

Reserve Officer David Bowles received the Top Gun award for his shooting skills, and Matthew Pridemore was honored as valedictorian by receiving a perfect score of 100. To illustrate the quality and competitiveness of these reserves, the low score was posted at 96.