Storm Water Board to Re-score Bids

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Survey mark on 22nd Street

Photo by Linda Karn

(posted 4.20.08)

The Speedway Storm Water Management Board agreed to a meeting with the town council to re-interview and to re-score the top two firms bidding to developing a storm water and sewage master plan.

David Kieser of Kieser Consulting told the board at it's April 17 meeting that Commonwealth Engineers scored the highest with American Structurepoint coming in second. He said he did not want to stifle progress but the grant rules require the town negotiate the fee and scope of work with the top finalist. If that fails, then the council/board goes to the next firm to negotiate. Kieser said re-interviewing and re-scoring are possible methods of selection, but not the preferred method for the Community Focus Fund grant, using the quality based selection process.

Town Councilor William Suffel preferred to interview the two firms again for re-scoring. He said there might be some advantages or disadvantages discovered by the council or board that were missed during the first interview.

Storm Board member Clint McKay said he was fine with the original scoring but he "understood " why the town would want to re-interview. Storm Water Board President Jeff Hartman did not expect the interviews to happen until the end of April.

As of April 18, Don Larson of Commonwealth Engineers said the town had never contacted the firm and he had no knowledge that Commonwealth scored the highest.

The board approved for Kieser to advertise requests for qualifications for the proposed Gerrard Avenue and Allison Avenue storm water relief project. The RFQ will be advertised in newspapers for 30 days.

The board also approved $5,000 for HNTB to accurately locate the survey marks in the Gerrard and Allison Avenue area project. Engineer Tom Hutka said it no longer requires surveying. The process will require someone to stand at the marked locations with a GPS to record the longitude and latitude.

The board also approved a not to exceed $37,000 expenditure for HNTB to begin the design work and assist with bids for the Dry Run Ditch maintenance project.

Norm Berry, Waste Water Treatment Plan Superintendent, said the town's storm water permit from IDEM expires on November 4. A new application needs to be submitted 60 days prior to the expiration date. Berry explained that IDEM's storm water rules are evolving and becoming more complicated with an increase in requirements. One of the new requirements includes IDEM auditing the town's storm water program by the last quarter of 2008.