Harris Finds Passion by Serving the Public

Andy Harris

Photo by Linda Karn

(posted Apr 5)

Andrew Harris describes his job as administrator of the Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services as "a blessing."

Harris was appointed by Mayor Greg Ballard to oversee the township liaisons and city services that effect neighborhoods. He is responsible for resolving neighborhood concerns and issues as well as daily reports to Deputy Mayor of Neighborhoods Olgen Williams. Harris works with departments such as DPW, DMD, animal control, crime watch and the Mayor's Action Center. Harris explained neighborhood issues do not fall on deaf ears. He said Ballard has visited the Mayor's Action Center five times since taking office in January. His visits have increased employee morale. The Mayor's Action Center serves a troubleshooter to relay residents concerns and issues to the various responsible departments.

Harris encouraged the public to participate in the April 26 Keep Indianapolis Beautiful campaign. He said the Mayor will be "at Fountain Square to do work." He will be getting a rake and gloves like everybody else. "The Mayor leads by example," he said. It is difficult to encourage the average resident to pick up trash in the city if the Mayor does not show an interest. "If you want change, you have to work for it. If you don't succeed, you don't step back, you keep trying." he said.

Chuck holes are at the top of the Mayor's concerns and the city plans to address the pothole problem with a vengeance. Harris indicated that DPW is already filling potholes, but the weather continues to unravel the department's progress.

Working for the government is not new to Harris. For 16 years, he worked passionately as a deputy assessor in Decatur Township. Harris thought he would miss his assessor's job, but apparently he miscalculated because he finds a tremendous satisfaction in his new job of serving and giving to the people. "I am having fun. I have fallen in love with the job," he said.

For community concerns contact Harris at 327-5647.