Special Zoning Contingent on 16th Street

(posted August 26)

Department of Metropolitan Development Senior Planner Tammara Tracy laid out the sequence of events that need to happen to create Speed Zone I and II special zoning districts. She said it is contingent on the 16th Street vacation and realignment. The road development has to happen prior to rezoning the area to the new SZ-1 classification, "otherwise we would have SZ-1 floating out in the middle of a big area with no road serving it."

Tracy was not certain when the resolution to modify the the zoning process would come up for a vote. The resolution creates hearing examiner that "shall" be an appointed member from the Speedway Redevelopment Commission. The Speedway hearing examiner will deal with special zoning district.

She emphasized the Speedway Board of Zoning will not be eliminated, but the hearing examiner is needed because the BZA has "a very narrow focus." The BZA deals with variance and special exceptions.

The hearing examiner can hear road vacations and plat petitions if it is accompanied by a companion petition. The redevelopment plans included vacating Georgetown Road, Grande Avenue and extending Gilman across Polco Street.

She said the changes would not take jurisdiction away from the plat committee to hear road vacations. The road vacation petitions can be filed as a "free standing application."