Concepts from Area Two Charette Unveiled

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(top) Speedway High School Juniors Tremaine Taylor-Tillery and Rachael Heffner participated all three-days. Tillery suggested ideas of a pedestrian bridge, community center and entertainment area.

(middle)Team Trotter plan
(bottom) Team Allison plan

Photos by Linda Karn
(posted Sept 15)

Ninety people were credited by the Speedway Redevelopment Commission at its September 15 meeting with creating two concept plans for the Crawfordsville Road and High School Road Corridors. The presentations were made by the local residents Amy Carroll, Roger Williams, Nancy Lawrence and Betsy Combs. Carroll called it a "privilege" to receive a request to participate in the Charette. She said she was not aware of public participation during the redevelopment that occurred in her neighborhood before she moved to Indiana.

One proposal redesigned the Speedway Super Center into an open air mall. Both plans eliminated the majority of the apartment complexes in the area. Jo Ellen Dotlich questioned the fiscal impact of losing the buying power and property tax base by eliminating the apartments. American Structurepoint Senior Planner Regina Tirinnanzi said the new housing stock proposed would cover the housing shift. Another concept offered senior housing by the vacant Pizza Hut on Crawfordsville Road.

Combs, a steering committee member, explained future homes would be town homes east of Kohl's and empty-nester homes as well as replacing the Meadow Shopping Center with single family homes. High School Road would include hotels and restaurants near the new I-74 exit, with retail and an office park to the north.

Lawrence explained the ideas included realigning roads to provide better accessibility to the shopping center. Both plans realigned Cunningham Road to the east. A pedestrian bridge is recommended at Thornton's Gas Station and.Lynhurst Drive and Crawfordsville. The discussions included extending Winton Avenue into the shopping center.

"There is really not good access coming from the north," Lawrence said. The plans include relieving traffic congestion at Parkwood Drive and 25th by adding a north entrance into the shopping center from Philwood Drive with the possibility of a roundabout. Another traffic relief measure is to make 25th Street a right turn only onto High School Road. The plan also called for expanding the sidewalk along Hickorywood Drive to promote pedestrian and bike movement.

The committee's proposal recommended making facade improvements to the commercial buildings along Crawfordsville Road, east of Lynhurst Drive.

"We don't want anyone to leave, but we just want everyone to be part of our ideas," Williams said. The committee members agreed that MCL, Kohl's and Kroger should remain in the plan.

Financial costs were not included in the concepts, the next step in the process will examine financial feasibility. Tirinnanzi said the concept illustrations will be available for the next 30 days for public viewing and comment at the library and Charlie Brown's Pancake and Steak House. Future stakeholder meetings will take place along with input from government agencies, and the comment cards will be reviewed for input. Tirinnanzi said the process is about one-third of the way to developing the final plan.