Gateway Neighborhood Improves Entrance Appeal

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Jonathan Hahn (left) Al Earl, and Tom Hahn (right) work on landscaping their Gateway neighborhood.

Photo by Linda Karn
(posted Sept 22)

Gateway West Neighborhood Association and Keep Indianapolis Beautiful volunteers began sprucing up the northwest corner of Gateway Drive and Moller Road on September 13. However, the volunteers were disappointed that the southeast corner could not receive the same landscaping improvements.

GWNA President Tasha Coe said the homeowner at 5501 Gateway does not want to give access to the property or to allow the association to move the fence behind brick wall for curb appeal unless she is compensated. The tenant, Teresa Swing, indicated she would like to see her corner improved. Coe explained the association does not intend to quit negotiations because they are committed to making the neighborhood safer and a more desirable place to live. Swing was one of the neighbors that came out for the clean up.

Al Earl came out for the clean up. He has lived in the subdivision since 1962 when 38th Street was a dirt road. He said it ended at Moller Road. Earl moved into the subdivision at the advice of his sister-in-law. Earl continues to reside in the neighborhood because his home is paid for and it makes it financially easier to travel.

Brynna, who did not want to use her last name, helped landscaped the area as part of Orchard Middle School's requirement to volunteer eight hours during the first semester.

Coe said that KIB donated $1,000, Domino's furnished the pizza and Home Depot gave $50.00. The neighborhood association raised $135 to support the project. She thanked the IMPD for its support.

At the September 4th association meeting, Coe told members they had enough money to enter into a five year lighting contract with IPL to have two street lights installed. The association's goal is to install ten lights in the subdivision. The street lights will serve as a crime prevention tool. Coe explained that Diamond Lane one was one of the areas of concern because it lacked street lights. "One day it will be safe again."