Town Council Still Debating Position on Zores

(posted Sept 23)

Speedway resident Sue Jent asked Speedway Town Councilors and town officials to be "proactive" and to step in as remonstrators to block Zore's variance request to build a 7,200 square foot recycling facility at 1300 N. Mickley. Zore's Metropolitan Development Board of Zoning Appeals variance hearing is scheduled for October 21 at the City County Building. Jent raised the zoning issue at the last council meeting and asked council for feedback for the September 22 meeting. The council did not officially take a position since the town manager is still researching the issue.

It is Jent's opinion that truck traffic will increase if the recycling facility is built. She thinks the business will expand, thus bringing in more suppliers and materials. She said the facility will handle non-ferrous materials in addition to the towing service.

Although Zore's is not located in Speedway, three residents told the council how the facility's noise and traffic impacted the neighborhood as trucks use Cunningham Road, Cadillac, and 16th Street. It is not a cut and dry situation for the council to resolve. Council President Gary Raikes also indicated that Indianapolis has control over some of the roads in Speedway.

Town Manager Barbara Lawrence said she is looking into the issues. She said it is difficult issue because Zore's is not in Speedway and its board of zoning appeals has no control over the issue. From the information that Lawrence gathered, the proposed recycling prefabricated facility is not an expansion of business, but just bring the recycling into an enclosed facility because metals are becoming a valuable commodity for theft. Lawrence said the business has been functioning since the mid 1940s before the inception of modern zoning standards. "It is not an issue short on complications," she said.

Lawrence said she needed to do some more research to develop a more comprehensive report to submit to the council.

Juanita Meko said the constant vibrations from the truck traffic will weaken her home's foundation. She said when she moved to1631 Cunningham Road 53 years ago that truck traffic was not allowed. She is concerned about the value of her home. She blamed the truck vibrations as the cause for her chandelier to break from her ceiling.

Local resident Cindy Lamb said she has some frustration with the traffic and wanted to know who handles traffic issues.

Raikes said "you described it, we are your elected officials and we are here to help you." The council still has one more meeting before October 21 to determine the action they want to take.

Councilor Jeff Hartman contended the traffic will still be an issue even if the variance is denied.

Bill Suffel said he is working with Lawrence to look at the road conditions and traffic count.

Melinda Willoughby, resident of 1818 Georgetown Road, opposed the vacation of Georgetown Road. She asked the road to be extended into the proposed roundabout. Raikes encouraged her to share her opinion with Speedway Redevelopment Commissioners.

Hartman asked the council to look into ordinances about the removal of port-o-lets from property used for vending and parking during races. He was concerned the port-o-lets would be visible all summer as the number of races grow at the IMS.