Local Resident on Hurricane Ike Deployment

(posted Sept 8)

Speedway resident Jay Thompson left Friday with three dozen other members of a federal Disaster Medical Assistance Team headed to Atlanta to stage for possible medical missions stemming from Hurricane Ike. Thompson is the chief communications officer for the San Diego based team, one of approximately 30 teams located around the country that are activated in times of natural and terrorist events to provide emergency medical care.

Numerous DMATs and Urban Search and Rescue teams are staged throughout Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana and Texas in anticipation of Ike making landfall late this week. Teams in Louisiana and Texas have been treating patients since they arrived prior to Hurricane Gustav. Teams who had evacuated special needs patients from Louisiana prior to Gustav have been in the process of bringing patients back to their original medical facilities. Texas is planning a large patient evacuation starting Tuesday, current projections show Ike's eye making landfall in the Galveston area Saturday afternoon.

Thompson and his team members spent two weeks in New Orleans treating victims of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and deployed to Atlanta in August of 2006 in anticipation of Hurricane Ernesto.