Zore's Proposed Expansion Raising Concerns

(posted Sept 9)

Zore's proposed expansion at 1300 Mickley is raising concerns by some Speedway residents. Sue Jent informed the council that Zore's is petitioning for a variance to expand its operations, currently zoned Dwelling Agricultural.

The petition includes building a 7,200 square foot recycling facility. The petition will be heard by the Metropolitan Development Board of Zoning Appeals on October 21. Although Zore's is just outside the town limits, the council is placed in an awkward situation to take a stand since Zore's serves as the town's towing vendor.

Jent told the council that it is serious issue because the expansion could mean additional truck noise and traffic on Cunningham Road and 16th Street. She is concerned about the company's environmental practices of torch cutting, fugitive dust, and salvaging practices. She depicted the open bed trucks carrying stacked smashed cars as a negative impact on the neighborhoods. She asked why the no truck signs have been removed from Cunningham and 16th Street.

Jent offered a solution to minimize truck traffic in town by creating an entrance from 10th Street. She requested to have council's perspective and position at the next council meeting.

Town Manager Barbara Lawrence said she will meet with the company owners and representatives to discuss the issue.

Council President Gary Raikes said "I am not saying for or against their expansion, I recognize they are allowed." He also expressed concern about the unappealing sight of Zore's trucks hauling smashed cars through the neighborhoods. He was also concerned about the traffic on 16th and Cunningham Road.